BouncyCG's fanbase getting larger than DeviantArt!!!

2014-07-08 11:38:03 by BouncyCG

Oh wow, I'm very surprissed to see this. After a few months of sharing my art here on newgrounds, the amount of fans has escalated to a point when it catched up with my older DeviantArt account. That's around 169 fans, wooooo! The ammount of people who like to visit this page to view art is simply amazing.

Thanks to everyone's support and feedback. You guys are awesome!


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2014-07-08 12:43:54

You're awesome :)

BouncyCG responds:



2014-07-08 12:47:00

Congratulations! That's a milestone if I've ever heard one. :)

BouncyCG responds:

It is to me :)