Samus NSFW and more coming up!

2014-08-28 21:58:46 by BouncyCG

Hello everyone! Those who have been keeping an eye out should know by now that I'm a dedicated hentai artist. I wanted to announce that I'm working on a very interesting Samus full body drawing! The drawing is inspired on a fellow deviant's linework (I'll post his name when I publish the drawing).

I will then be working on a bunch of alternate versions of my drawings, as promissed. Some of these versions include:

young Kya, topless Hilda, fixed Elena, and more!


Stay in touch, and leave a coment if you have any questions!


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2014-09-24 23:14:49

yummy! :3

BouncyCG responds:

Delicious indeed. Keep an eye out for more.